Integrated Infrastructure Management Planning Framework is a City of Edmonton process for the gathering, synthesis, presentation, and use of data related to the provision of infrastructure to the three remaining Urban Growth Areas.

The framework helps the City analyze infrastructure requirements, both initial and ongoing needs, as well as projected costs and revenue implications associated with growth, and determines how growth can be achieved most effectively and sustainably.

Integrated Infrastructure Management Planning Framework addresses the development policies outlined in The Way We Grow. Together with the Growth Coordination Strategy, the framework presents infrastructure needs in context and is available to assist Council in decision-making as suburban growth in the Northeast, Southwest and Southeast continues to occur.

While not an all-inclusive guide for development approval, this framework is a lens to examine development concerning the infrastructure required for the development, its costs and efficiencies, how it relates to other infrastructure (present and planned) in the City, implications to the City’s operations, and a greater understanding of the effects of the timing of the development.