Infrastructure is essential to all residents and businesses in the city of Edmonton and critical to the competitiveness of our economy, the quality of life citizens enjoy, and the delivery of public services.

The ability to build and maintain infrastructure assets ensures Edmonton can provide services and remain an attractive and cost-effective place to live and do business.

As the City’s infrastructure ages, more maintenance and rehabilitation is required to ensure that infrastructure is performing well and continuing to meet the needs of citizens. At the same time, Edmonton is a growing city, and demands arise for new infrastructure to support its growth.

The Office of Infrastructure and Funding Strategy provides tools and processes to assist in managing the infrastructure gap - to achieve the best possible balance between renewal and growth. The Office’s strategic approach plays a vital role in the preparation of the City’s planning documents. These documents assist Council’s decision-making to ensure that investments in infrastructure maximize benefits, reduce risk, and provide satisfactory levels of service to the public.