Edmonton’s infrastructure, the basic structural foundation of the city, includes the vast network of roads, bridges, sewers, recreation centres, libraries and other assets that serve the diverse needs of our growing population.

As the owner of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure, the City needs to be knowledgeable about the assets it owns. Edmonton was the first city in Canada to develop a comprehensive inventory of its infrastructure assets for evaluating the state and condition of diverse infrastructure assets.

All City departments responsible for the physical infrastructure provide asset data to support the corporate-wide assessment of municipal infrastructure. The data is evaluated according to age, value and condition then analyzed using asset management tools. These tools help to understand the level of investment needed to maintain the majority of the City’s very significant asset base in a state of good repair and reduce the percentage of assets in poor or very poor condition.

Every year the City works to determine the categorization, quantity, units of measure, average age, expected asset life and condition of all municipally owned assets.