The 2021 Mayor’s State of the City Address was delivered on May 5, 2021.

In a speech delivered to a virtual crowd of business and community leaders, Mayor Don Iveson’s final State of the City focused on the work Edmontonians have done over the past two terms to build a more uplifting city by increasing Edmonton’s ambition, inclusiveness, and economic and climate resilience.

The underlying theme was how Edmontonians have worked together to uplift each other despite the challenge of nearly a decade of austerity, economic hardship and community tragedies through innovative problem solving and a strong sense of community, observing: “What else are we here for, if not to uplift one another?”

In previous years, The City of Edmonton provided a summary of civic programs and services delivered to meet the goals of City Council, representing the priorities of Edmontonians. These reports highlight some of the main achievements in civic operations from previous years and new initiatives that will continue transforming Edmonton into an even greater city for generations to come.

Previous State of the City reports catalogue key activities from past years.