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Energy Transition

Edmonton's Community Energy Transition Strategy is a risk management strategy designed to make Edmonton an energy sustainable city. This includes actions that will:

  • Reduce Edmonton's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to levels consistent with limiting the long-term rise in the average global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius;
  • Increase energy efficiency and energy conservation in all sectors;
  • Ensure Edmonton's energy delivery systems (for electricity and natural gas) are resilient to shocks and disturbances from climate change; and
  • Position Edmonton to participate in what is possibly one of the greatest economic opportunities in history.
An energy sustainable city is one that meets these criteria.

Energy Transition Strategy

Energy Transition Strategy

Read Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Plan!

Energy Transition Committee


Find out more about the Edmontonians helping to put this plan into action.


Related Reports

The following reports have been commissioned by the City of Edmonton to assist in the development of Edmonton's Energy Transition Strategy.

Report 1: Cost of Energy Transition

Report 2: Enhancements to Building Code

Report 3: Energy Mapping

Report 4: Solar Ready Buildings

Report 5: Funding and Administration Options

Report 6: Visible Metering

Report 7: Literature Review, Sustainable Cities

Report 8: Clean Energy Financing

For More Information

Barbara Daly

Title Project Manager


Email barbara.daly@edmonton.ca