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A series of one-hour sessions on topics of climate change, energy efficiency, climate resilience and more.

Unpacking climate change and energy into bite-sized sessions

Are you unsure about how climate change is different from seasonal or temperature changes? Are you wondering what you can do about climate change, if anything?

This series of one-hour sessions will cover a variety of topics related to climate change, energy efficiency, climate adaptation and more.

We've also included a few other related sessions. While not officially part of the Lunchbox Series, these sessions may be of interest for those who want to learn more about what climate actions we're taking.

Climate Change 101

Tuesday March 16 - Noon to 1pm

Climate change has become a defining issue of our time, and 73% of Edmontonians tell us they are concerned about it. This session will help demystify this complex topic, providing information about what climate change is, how climate change is impacting Edmonton, how the City of Edmonton is taking action and how Edmontonians can be part of the solution.

Home Energy Efficiency

Tuesday March 30 - Noon to 1pm

Household energy use is a big deal. Most homes produce greenhouse gas emissions directly through natural gas powered furnaces and water heaters and indirectly by consuming electricity. Within Edmonton, the residential sector produces almost 20% of our community greenhouse gas emissions every year. The choices you make in your home result in carbon emissions and affect your household contributions to climate change. Luckily, making energy efficiency upgrades to your home is not only good for the environment, it is also good for the economy and your well-being. This session will describe the opportunities that exist for improving your home's energy efficiency and how you can take advantage of them.

Update: This session generated a lot of questions that we were unable to respond to during the scheduled time. Read the responses to the questions left unanswered.

Making the Switch: Solar Energy

Tuesday April 13 - Noon to 1pm

This sunny session will enlighten you about the benefits of solar, a great place to start if you are thinking of taking advantage of the most abundant source of renewable energy. While electricity accounts for only 16% of the energy used in Edmonton, due to our carbon intensive grid it produces around 40% of our communities greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Going solar allows you to generate green electricity on your home or building, which dramatically reduces your carbon footprint and limits your contribution to global climate change. This session will address some of the most common misconceptions about solar energy in Edmonton, walk you through the benefits, help you understand how to navigate the process and what rebate programs are available.

Update: If you're unfamiliar with how solar works and what the process is, check out this Tiny Explanation on How To Get Solar On Your Home.

Flood Prevention at Home

Thursday April 29 - Noon to 1pm

Flooding, hail, high winds and other extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense in Edmonton due to climate change. Climate modelling for Edmonton indicates that the likelihood of overland flooding caused by heavy rainfall events will increase in future.  At this session, find out the flood risks for your neighbourhood, how to prepare, and programs available to support your flood-prevention efforts.

Getting to 1.5: Updating our Energy Transition Strategy & Climate Action Plan

Thursday May 13 - Noon to 1pm

Edmonton’s new City Plan sets clear and ambitious climate targets. In alignment with City Council’s commitment to meeting the Paris Agreement, the City Plan’s targets include (1) staying within a total community-wide carbon budget of 135 Megatonnes, (2) meeting a target of two million new urban trees planted, and (3) reaching Zero net per-person GHG emissions.

To achieve these ambitious goals, Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy is being revised to reflect the actions required. Learn what these ambitious new targets mean for the City of Edmonton, how they translate into real, on-the-ground climate actions, and what they could mean for you.

Solar Alberta

Visit Solar Alberta for event details and registration

Front Yard Gardens

Tuesday May 18 - Noon to 1pm

It’s possible to grow vegetables just about anywhere, as long as you have soil, sun and water. If your front or side yard or balcony is ideal for a garden, then you can convert that space to grow food for personal consumption or for sharing. The City not only approves, but encourages you to plant vegetables instead of turf, or Veg Instead! Just think of all the time you will save by not having to mow the lawn or not make a trip to the market. Growing your own food can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and improve your resilience, too.

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Change Mobility for Climate: Try Cycling

Thursday May 27 - Noon to 1pm

In Edmonton, transportation accounts for 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions and 42% of our energy use. We can change this by changing how we move, all while improving our air quality and health. Find out the many ways you can move in Edmonton and if you are interested in riding your bike more often, but not sure how to get started, join us for a friendly introduction to cycling in Edmonton and how this active form of transportation can transform our city and lower our energy use. Brush up on safety tips and resources available to help you feel more comfortable behind the handlebars. Learn how to use bike lanes for your commute, and Edmonton's trail system for leisurely rides. This is the perfect time to dust off and tune up your bicycle!

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Waste Cart Rollout & Reducing GHG Emissions from Household Waste

Thursday June 10 - Noon to 1pm

Edmonton’s Cart Rollout is here, which means the way residents sort and set out their waste at home is changing! Learn about Edmonton’s new waste system, including how the new way of sorting and collecting waste will contribute to making Edmonton climate resilient. Learn how to manage your waste responsibly with tips on sorting food scraps, information on the new collection services, and how home composting and going bagless are great ways to complement Edmonton’s Cart Rollout!  
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