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ConnectEdmonton: Edmonton’s Strategic Plan sets the direction for our future and outlines where we need to change today to realize our vision for Edmonton in 2050.

ConnectEdmonton: Edmonton’s Strategic Plan 2019 - 2028

Guiding Principle

We create as a community to connect people to what matters to them. We care about the impact of our actions on our social, economic, cultural, spiritual and environmental systems. We serve those here today and those who come after us.

Four Strategic Goals

  • Healthy City 
  • Urban Places 
  • Regional Prosperity 
  • Climate Resilience 


Edmonton's Strategic Plan 2019 - 2028

Five Parts of ConnectEdmonton

These five components form ConnectEdmonton: a vision statement, four strategic goals, a guiding principle, an invitation for collaboration and a set of indicators for results. As an inspired plan built by Edmontonians, ConnectEdmonton is the start of collaborations that will make positive transformational impacts on the future of Edmonton.

Edmonton's Vision

Our vision is our aspiration for Edmonton in the year 2050.

It's 2050 and Edmonton’s creativity and community spirit are lights to the world. The city’s heart is our people. They make everything possible. 

We work together to create liveability for all, where everyone has what they need to succeed. We are inspired by and grateful for our collective ancestors who continue to guide our way. They inspire us to learn, steward this shared place and build the meaning of our lives.

We plant ideas. We grow business. We get stuff done here. Edmontonians see their efforts and ideals reflected back to them in a city that was built to connect. This commitment turns new ideas into solutions for our communities, which we take to the world.

Edmonton has come to mean a community where it makes sense to plan our future together. We spark an energy seen worldwide: a light in the northern sky.

Developing Edmonton’s Vision

The vision for Edmonton in 2050 was created by our community. The City invited Edmontonians to share information, exchange ideas, generate discussion and ask important questions about Edmonton's future. The feedback was used to create the final vision you see here.

Guiding Principle

The guiding principle unifies our work. It ensures that we make strategically consistent choices as we work to achieve our goals.

We create as a community to connect people to what matters to them.
We care about the impact of our actions on our social, economic, cultural, spiritual and environmental systems.
We serve those here today and those who come after us.

Strategic Goals

The four strategic goals are the focus areas that require transformational change in the next ten years to achieve our vision. The goals will be achieved through strategic actions, partnerships and collaboration.

Healthy City
Edmonton is a neighbourly city with community and personal wellness that embodies and promotes equity for all Edmontonians. 

Urban Places 
Edmonton neighbourhoods are more vibrant as density increases, where people and businesses thrive and where housing and mobility options are plentiful. 

Regional Prosperity
Edmonton grows prosperity for our Metro Region by driving innovation, competitiveness and relevance for our businesses at the local and global level. 

Climate Resilience
Edmonton is a city transitioning to a low carbon future, has clean air and water and is adapting to a changing climate.

An Invitation

ConnectEdmonton provides the strategic direction, purpose and focus for Edmontonians, public and private sectors and non-profit organizations. It outlines the investments we must make to ensure greater benefits for all Edmontonians today—and tomorrow. This plan was built by Edmontonians and it will require ongoing relationships and partnerships to collaboratively build a connected city.

ConnectEdmonton invites all individuals, groups, teams, associations, organizations, companies and institutions throughout the city to take leadership and supporting roles at various times to make these big changes happen. Sharing collaborative, aligned and purposeful actions is the foundation of successful implementation of ConnectEdmonton.

Monitoring Impact

Indicators tell us how we are doing. They are how our collective impact is monitored, showing how our efforts are achieving the strategic goals. Indicators reflect observable changes from the collaboration of many, rather than the results of any single organization.

Each strategic goal has priority areas that provide insight into collective impact. The indicators help understand the current state of each goal by monitoring the status of the priority areas. 

Annual reporting led by City of Edmonton administration will use the most current and relevant indicators to demonstrate the success and opportunities of ConnectEdmonton. As different information becomes available, we will continually monitor our collective impact.

The City's Role

The City has a unique role to play in implementing the plan both in convening partnerships and through the City’s daily service to Edmontonians. Strategic actions to achieve ConnectEdmonton’s goals are part of the development of The City Plan in 2020. Transformational projects and changes to service delivery will be communicated through the Corporate Business Plan for 2019-2022 and will be reported on annually.

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