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Profile for City of Edmonton pihêsiwin ᐱᐦᐁᓯᐏᐣ Ward Councillor.

Ward pihêsiwin Councillor Tim Cartmell was first elected to Edmonton City Council in 2017.

Tim is a Professional Engineer and small business owner. He specializes in the structural design and management of building projects, including past projects like the Expo Centre for Northlands and three seniors lodges for the Greater Edmonton Foundation. Prior to serving in public office, Tim also worked for the Government of Alberta's Treasury Board Ministry.

During Tim’s first term as Councillor, he advocated for investments in Southwest Edmonton’s road network. These include the Terwillegar Drive Expansion, Rabbit Hill Road twinning, Anthony Hendy widening and countless other road projects in new southern neighbourhoods.

Giving back to the community has always been very important to Tim. He has more than three decades of community volunteer experience, including various community league roles, coaching minor hockey, and various roles on discipline and practice standards committees with his professional association, APEGA.

In 2013, he received the APEGA Summit Award for Community Service and in 2014, he received the Engineers Canada Meritorious Service Award.

Tim and his wife, Cathy, were born and raised in Edmonton and live in south Edmonton. Tim and Cathy have three children: Matthew, Riana and Justin.

Tim currently serves as: Chair of Utility Committee; Member of Urban Planning Committee; Mayor Sohi’s alternate for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board - Committee of the Whole and Governance and HR Committee; Member of Growth Plan Five-Year Interim Review Task Force - EMRB; Member of the Alberta Municipalities Infrastructure Committee; Member of the Metropolitan Region Servicing Standing Committee; Member of the Board of Directors for the Fort Edmonton Park Management Company; Council Liaison Appointment for the GEF Seniors Housing Board of Directors; City of Edmonton’s Alternate Shareholder Representative for Edmonton Global; and Member of the Board of Directors for World Triathlon Series Edmonton.

Tim has also supported the following Council Initiatives: Live Active for health and recreation, Active Transportation, and the Winter City strategy for realizing all the benefits of our beautiful northern city.

Ward Name Origin

Indigenous language of origin: Cree
Name Meaning: Pays respect to the Thunderbird. This ward, from an aerial view, is shaped like a pihêsiw (thunderbird) and contains a ceremonial site.

Pronunciation: Pee-hay-soo-win

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