O-day’min Ward Councillor photo.

Profile for City of Edmonton O-day’min Ward Councillor.

Anne is an urban planner who is passionate about building an equitable city that serves all Edmontonians. Following an undergraduate in international development and economics, she went on to complete a masters in city design. After 10 years of working and traveling abroad, Anne was thrilled to return to her hometown of Edmonton in 2012. She spent 7 years at the City of Edmonton and worked with the Right at Home Housing Society to provide affordable housing solutions to meet the diverse needs of our community.

Through serving in leading roles at the City of Edmonton from 2012-2019 and as Board President and staff member of Right At Home Housing Society, Anne has gained a deep understanding of the people and processes that shape our city. Anne has been a leader in multiple organizations, from small grassroots initiatives to a multi-million dollar agency. She knows the importance of collaboration and informed decision-making, and how to make hard choices in challenging situations.

Anne is a proud Edmontonian with deep roots in O-day’min. She lives in Oliver with her partner and daughter, and her work takes her to neighbourhoods across the ward. She is an active volunteer and loves taking in the many great amenities that Ward O-day’min has to offer.

Ward Name Origin

Indigenous language of origin: Anishinaabe
Name Meaning: Strawberry or Heart-berry (The heart through which the North Saskatchewan River runs). 

Pronunciation: Oh-DAY-min