Ward Métis Councillor- Ashley Salvador

Profile for City of Edmonton Métis Ward Councillor.

Ashley is an urban planner and has experience working across sectors on projects related to affordable housing, climate change, social isolation and inclusion, infill policy, and seniors housing. Born and raised in Edmonton, she holds a BA Honours in Sustainability and Sociology from Dalhousie University, and a MA in Planning from the University of Waterloo.

Ashley is passionate about building a healthy, equitable, and climate-resilient Edmonton.

She has been active at the municipal level for close to a decade and has been a longstanding advocate for zoning reforms and sustainable urban development. She is the founder of a local non-profit that is dedicated to helping gently densify existing neighbourhoods, create greater housing choice, and improve walkability, access to transit, and vibrancy in mature communities.

In her off time, Ashley is an avid cyclist, and enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing in Edmonton's River Valley. Ashley and her partner live in the Newton neighbourhood in Ward Métis, and she regularly spends time in neighbourhoods across the ward.

Ashley is honoured to serve the residents of Ward Métis, and the rest of Edmonton.

Ward Name Origin

Indigenous language of origin: Michif
Name Meaning: Given the history of the area and the use of the Riverlot system in this ward, a Métis name was chosen.

Pronunciation: MAY-TEA

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