Ward Karhiio - Keren Tang

Profile for City of Edmonton Karhiio Ward Councillor.

Keren Tang is a public health advocate, community organizer, city builder, and mom. She merges her background in public health, community development, human-centred design, and the social determinants of health, and she is a firm believer in the power of peer-to-peer, neighbour-to-neighbour networks. She has experience working in public, private, and non-profit sectors and has worked with diverse communities and families.  

Keren is passionate about using participatory engagement to bring community perspectives to life, and about working with ethnocultural communities in civic engagement and health promotion. Prior to being elected, Keren worked with local government on urban wellness and with the McConnell Foundation and partners across the country on building more participatory ecosystems. A Top 40 Under 40, Keren has also served on the boards of the Edmonton Community Foundation, the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society, ASSIST Community Services Centre, and the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition. She recognizes that a vibrant business community is a key component of a resilient city, and she is a member of VA Angels, a network of local investors that supports Alberta companies. 

Having lived in several cities around the world, Keren has made her home in Edmonton with her husband and young daughter because it is a city where everyday Edmontonians have a voice in shaping its present and future. Keren is honoured to serve as councillor for Ward Karhiio.

Ward Name Origin

Indigenous language of origins: Mohawk (Michel First Nation)
Name Meaning: A tall, beautiful forest in the Mohawk language. Michel Karhiio was the Chief of the Michel Band that was enfranchised in 1958.

Pronunciation: Gar-ee-he-o

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