Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi Ward Councillor photo.

Profile for City of Edmonton Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi Ward Councillor.

Jennifer Rice was elected to Edmonton City Council on October 18, 2021 and officially took her oath of office on October 26, 2021. She is a resident of Edmonton Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi and she is among the first visible minority women to be elected to City Council in Edmonton’s history.

Jennifer brings to City Council her professional qualifications and passion for serving the community. She is a former university professor with international academic experience specializing in mathematics and higher education, plus hands-on experience working in government business operations. She has held a number of leadership roles at the provincial government level, ranging from managing financial and project management reporting on large public infrastructure budgets to working with community-based organizations in serving community and family safety initiatives and homeless prevention programs. Jennifer has experience with results-based budgeting and evaluating the performance and efficiency of government policy and programs to ensure public accountability. She has volunteered for multiple community efforts including programs related to community services, cross-cultural awareness, parenting, and welcoming newcomers.

Jennifer recognizes that City Council needs to work together for the benefit of Edmonton. She strives to ensure Edmontonians’ voices and various perspectives are heard by City Council so that well-informed decisions can be made. Her focus is to ensure that our city is providing the core services that Edmonton needs along with care for vulnerable Edmontonians. Her goal is to provide public services in a fiscally and socially responsible manner so that all Edmontonians feel that they are supported and are getting the best value for their hard-earned tax dollars. 

Ward Name Origin

Indigenous language of origin: Blackfoot
Name Meaning: Traditional lands where the Blackfoot Nation performed Buffalo Rounds. It is known that bison would migrate up to 300 kilometres north of the North Saskatchewan River to the safety of artesian wells to gather for the winter.

Pronunciation: E-pee-ko-ka-nee piu-tsi-ya

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