The Edmonton Combative Sport Commission (ECSC) governs all combative events conducted in the City of Edmonton. These rules and policies ensure that all sanctioned events will be held in accordance with the City of Edmonton Bylaws 15594 and 15638.


Regulation #1: Licensing - Contestants and Seconds

Regulation #3: Licensing - Event Officials

Regulation #5: Contestants Involved in Unsanctioned Events

Regulation #8: Licensing - Medical

Appeal Regulation 

Appeal Procedure 

Appeal Decisions

Appeal Decision 01-2021


Policy 2

Licensing - Promoters

Policy 4

Event Permits

Policy 6

Approving Dates for Combative Sports Events When More Than One Promoter is Requesting the Same Date

Policy 7

Fighter Pro Debut Criteria

Policy 9

Suspensions and Rest Periods for Combative Sport Contestants

Policy 10

Ringside Privileges

Policy 11

 Advertising & Temporary Tattoos

Policy 12

Professional Wrestling

Policy 13

Drug Testing

Operational Policies

Officials Training

Overview of the steps necessary to ensure adequate training, testing and role shadowing for event officials.