Fire Rescue Operations provides front-line firefighting response to a range of emergency events, including:

  • All fire events (structure, non-structure, industrial, vehicle and wildland interface)
  • Life threatening medical events in support of Alberta Health Services
  • Motor vehicle Collisions, technical rescues, industrial rescues, river response calls, static ice calls, citizen assist calls, animal rescues and regional mutual aid
  • High hazard rail, industrial and commercial emergency events while administering the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives (CBRNE) program

After leaving the fire station, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services first responders are targeted to be on scene within 4 minutes travel time to initiate emergency medical or fire rescue services. In the case of a fire, a crew of 16 firefighters is targeted to be on scene within 8 minutes travel time.

Specialty Response Teams

Hazardous Materials Team

The Hazardous Materials Team (HAZMAT) responds to any release that poses a hazard to people (life), property or the environment. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Biological agent releases
  • Compressed cylinder failures including propane, acetylene and Chlorine
  • Cargo tank truck rollovers
  • Chemical spills and leaks at industrial sites
  • Radiological and explosion events
  • Second alarm fires to measure and monitor air quality

The team responds out of Fire Station 10, where specialty trucks and equipment (including a self-sufficient, mobile decontamination unit) are available.

Current training is customized to meet the vast needs of the region and industries surrounding it, and exceeds National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) specifications.

HAZMAT also supports central and northern Alberta and Northwest Territories by responding to incidents, providing expertise and technical equipment as requested by individual municipalities, and is supported by all levels of government.

Water Rescue

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services has specialized water and ice rescue teams. Water Rescue training is provided to personnel to safely and effectively perform rescues in ponds, lakes, streams and rivers in all environmental conditions, including ice rescues.

The North Saskatchewan River is serviced with a specialized watercraft and supports rescues when ice and ice floes are not present.

Technical Rescue Team

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services' Technical Rescue Team (TRT) operates out of Fire Station 3. In addition to their regular fire crew duties, the team also serves to respond to TRT-related events where they act in a support or specialty role. They are generally dispatched to trench collapse, confined space and heavy lifting events.

The team currently operates within 8 distinct disciplines, including:

  • Confined space
  • Embankment rescue
  • Heavy lifting
  • Highlines and offsets
  • Pick-off rescues
  • Rope access
  • Structural collapse
  • Trench rescue

The TRT also supports other Alberta municipalities (when requested) by responding to incidents, providing expertise and technical equipment as requested.