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Make a Better City

Make a Better City (MBC) is an integrated project for teaching about citizenship, responsibility and community for Alberta Grade 6 Social Studies, Health & Life Skills, Language Arts and Mathematics.

Teachers explore and research with students what it means to be a citizen in a city. Students learn about current issues like graffiti, litter, urban wildlife, backyard chickens, pet ownership and why a city has bylaws. The resource teaches about local government with a focus on the balance between rights and responsibilities.

The program’s goal is to help create a sense of pride for community.

Resources for print:

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Make it even better with the Web and Whiteboard Apps!

Characters from Pets in the CityMake a Better City® Web App - Students stroll through a virtual neighbourhood and take action to make it a better place to live.

Pets in the City® Whiteboard App - Students explore issues related to animals and pets in the city. They guide an Animal Care & Control Officer through a virtual city landscape.

NOTE: The Pets in the City app launches through Adobe Air. This program can be installed on your computer free of charge, through the Adobe website. Adobe Air MUST be installed on your computer before you launch the Pets in the City application. Follow the installation prompts to install the app on your computer. It is designed for an interactive whiteboard environment but can also be used on a laptop.