Straw Bales at Toboggan Hills

Straw bales provide safety to users. Thank you for leaving straw bales and keeping everyone safe. After toboggan hills close for the season, straw bales will be available for pick-up at the City’s Spring Thaw and Bales of Straw events.

Straw is not available before these events.

Toboggan Safety

Tobogganing can result in serious injuries. To reduce the risk of injury:

  • Ensure the path is clear before sliding 
  • Helmets are recommended
  • Walk up the hill outside of the sledding area
  • Do not dig holes, build ramps or jumps on the hill
  • Parents/Guardian are responsible for children
  • Always sit face-forward on your sled
  • Tobogganing is not recommended after dark
  • Dogs are not permitted - please leave your dogs at home

Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility. Slide at your own risk.

Current Hill Conditions

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