Materials will be approved for display in Recreation Centres provided they meet one or more of these guidelines.

The activity should:

  • Promote wellness, leisure, or individual/community development
  • Relate to the facilities’ mandate and benefit its patrons
  • Be not-for-profit; the group/organization must be registered as an Alberta not-for-profit  (unless provided by a commercial tenant or rental group whose posting time will be 1 week prior to the event date)
  • Be free (no charge)

All material(s):

  • Must be free of tear-off/pull-off tabs
  • Have no more than 20% of the content recognizing commercial sponsors
  • Must not exceed 11 x 17 inches in size (as postings are subject to availability of space, groups are urged to provide 8.5 x 11 inches sized posters to increase the likelihood of the material being posted)
  • Will be posted for a maximum of 1 month
  • Are subject to available space at the facilities
  • May be removed at the City’s discretion, at any time
  • Must promote an event or program being held in the facility or in the neighbouring community

Examples of materials that will NOT be approved in Recreation Centres:

  • The activity or organization promoted represents a competing program, facility or service
  • Promotes a "for-profit" service
  • The event is held outside of Greater Edmonton
  • Promotes daycares, preschools, or day home providers
  • Promotes school open houses and school programs (unless located in the neighbouring community)
  • Items or properties for sale or rent
  • Lost and found items
  • Recruitment of research study volunteers
  • Job postings other than opportunities associated with the City of Edmonton
  • If the material is in the form of a brochure or handbill, or if the poster has an attached brochure holder
  • The promotion of individual fundraising programs “GoFundMe’s”

Materials will be approved for display in Arena provided they meet these guidelines:

  • Bulletin board space in arenas is reserved exclusively for groups renting ice time to promote their respective activities and opportunities in our arenas
  • The poster must promote a specific event or program
  • Only 1 poster per group for regular season programming, and 1 poster for special events/tournaments, per arena. Will be posted for a maximum of 3 months

Groups and organizations wishing to promote their activities or display publications can do so by submitting your request below. Please submit application at least 1 month prior to the start of your event. If approved you will be sent a confirmation email with submission instructions.