The City of Edmonton, in partnership with Arts Habitat Edmonton and FAVA have developed a process to create more, affordable artist spaces at The Orange Hub, following a report approved by City Council earlier this year. 

Professional artists and arts organizations can now apply to be considered for the Professional Artist Rate, applicable to both leasing and rental rates on artist spaces* at The Orange Hub, including:

  • Classrooms
  • Dance studios
  • Multi-purpose studios
  • Recording and photography studios
  • Sound stages

*The Professional Artist Rate cannot be applied to rental rates for the Main Theatre or Black Box Theatre. 

Applying for the Professional Artist Rate 

The application form is now available on Arts Habitat's web page. 

This form is only to determine eligibility of individuals and organizations for the Professional Artist Rate. 

Please Note: There is a separate process for submitting requests to rent or lease space. Due to high demand for space at The Orange Hub, we cannot guarantee that requested spaces will be available at the time of request.

Rental Requests for Artist Spaces

Artists and arts organizations that are interested in renting space at The Orange Hub can submit requests to:

FAVA Rentals: or 780-424-4368

  • Photography studio and darkroom

  • Recording and mixing studios, and media lab

  • Sound stages

City Rentals: or 780-496-1752

  • Dance studios

  • Multi-purpose studio spaces

  • Classrooms

Leasing Requests for Artist Spaces

Artists and arts organizations that are interested in leasing space at The Orange Hub must complete an application form. 

Contact the Leasing and Property Agent for leasing-related questions: