What is a Speed Reduction Policy?

In October, 2013, City Council adopted the Speed Reduction Policy (C566).

The purpose of this policy is to allow Community Leagues to request that the City review speed limits for residential roadways within their community for consideration of reducing the speed limit to 40 km/hr. Requests are referred to the Administration for review in accordance with City Procedures for consideration of speed reduction to 40 km/hr.

Speed Reduction Policy (C566)

The Speed Reduction Pilot

Six communities lowered speed limits to 40 km/h from May-October 2010, as part of a pilot project to study the impact of lower speed limits on overall safety and quality of life:

  • Beverly Heights
  • King Edward Park
  • Ottewell
  • Twin Brooks
  • Westridge/Wolf Willow
  • Woodcroft

New speed limit signs were posted in these neighbourhoods. The six-month project monitored speeding using speed limit signs, digital display signs, and community programs such as Neighbourhood Pace Cars - before progressing to enforcement.

The Result

Council approved speed-zone bylaw amendment and Ottewell, Woodcroft and King Edward Park neighbourhoods have a permanent speed reduction to 40 km/hr.

Beverly Heights, Twin Brooks, and Westridge/Wolf Willow reverted back to 50 km/hr.

Speed Reduction Pilot Report