driving graphic

Complete the form to request request signage and tools to promote safe speeds at your school.

These resources include:

  • Community signage and centreline signs to remind drivers to slow down and show safe streets are important to your school.
  • Portable Driver Feedback Signs to alert drivers to their current speed and encourage them to slow down and drive the speed limit.
  • Automated enforcement at playground zones, approved sites only. View the Safe Streets Map to see if the playground zone at your school is an approved site.

For information about all tools and resources available in the Vision Zero School Kit, please see Vision Zero School Kit Guide.

* If you are a parent/guardian, please contact your child's school to request items from the School Kit. This form must be filled out by a school administrator or teacher who is a current employee of Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB), Edmonton Catholic School Division (ECSD) or Conseil Scolaire Centre-Nord (CSCN).