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Learn more about the Commemorative Tree Program with the most commonly asked questions.

What are the Commemorative Programs?

Commemorative programs provide Edmontonians an opportunity to honour loved ones or celebrate special occasions through a commemorative dedication on a bench or near a tree. The City of Edmonton currently has three commemorative programs:

  • Benchmark
  • Commemorative Tree
  • Legacy

All charitable donations received from individuals through the Commemorative Programs are used by the City for the purpose of enhancing and beautifying parkland and public spaces for the benefit of all Edmontonians.

What commemorative options are currently available for donation under the Commemorative Tree program?

The Commemorative Tree program offers the planting of a new tree in City parks and open spaces. Currently, the following options are available:

  • New Tree - $1,800
  • Renewal of existing tree dedication - $450
How long will my plaque be displayed near a tree?

 All Commemorative Tree plaques and pedestals are displayed for a timeframe of 10 years. During this timeframe, the City is responsible for the maintenance of the tree, plaque and pedestal. 

What happens to the plaque after the 10-year Commemoration Period?

Prior to the end of Commemoration Period, the Donor can submit a Renewal Application to request that the City continue to display the plaque under the Commemorative Tree program for an additional period of time. An additional charitable donation in accordance with the Commemorative Tree program policies and guidelines in effect at the time of renewal will be required. It is the responsibility of the Donor to submit a request for renewal to the City prior to the end of the Commemoration Period. 

If a donor chooses not to renew their commemoration, they may request the plaque as a gift from the City. If the plaque is not claimed, it will be held for a period of one year from the end of the Commemoration Period, after which point it will be recycled. Please note that the plaque removal process may cause slight damages to the plaque itself.

What does the plaque look like?

Your inscription will be cast onto a bronze plaque that is 6” x 3” in size. The plaque itself will be mounted on a granite pedestal that will be installed in the ground in front of the Commemorative Tree. The inscription can be between 5-6 lines with 20 characters of text on each line.

How are plaques mounted for Commemorative Trees?

Plaques will be mounted to a cement and granite pedestal that is installed in the ground in front of the tree.

What tree species can I select for Commemorative Trees?

Please refer to the Commemorative Tree Species Selection on the program website. You will work with an Urban Forester to determine which species is most suitable for the selected location to ensure long-term success of the tree.

What happens if I move or change phone numbers during the Commemoration Period?

The named Donor in the Application Form is responsible to provide updated contact information for themselves and for the Alternate Contact in a timely manner to the City at all times through the Application process, the Commemoration Period and any renewal period approved by the City. If contact information is out of date, the City will not be able to reach out to the Donor:

  • When changes are required to the commemorative item, such as removal for refurbishing, change of location due to construction or other activities or
  • Toward the end of the Commemoration Period to check if the Donor would like to renew their commemoration or not

In the event that the City cannot reach the Donor at any time during the Commemoration Period, the City will contact the Alternate Contact listed by the Donor.

How long does it take for a Commemorative Tree request to be installed?

Each request is unique and installation times may vary. Proper parkland change processes and public consultation may be required. Please contact the Commemorative Tree Program Coordinator for more details on the installation timelines specific to your request.

When are Commemorative Trees planted?

Applications that are received prior to March 31 will be considered for planting in the spring (May-June). Applications that are received prior to July 31 will be considered for planting in the fall (September-October).

What should I do if my Commemorative Tree application is not approved?

Your Commemorative Tree application may not be approved if your chosen location for commemoration is not available or doesn’t get approval from the stakeholders during circulation in case of new benches. It is recommended that you contact the Program Coordinator prior to making the application to discuss the available Commemorative Tree location options. 

If I make a commemorative donation, who owns the bench and plaque?

The City at all times remains the exclusive owner of all benches, plaques and chattels associated with the Commemorative Trees Program.

Do I need to make a renewal donation for my Tree commemoration if there were no clear guidelines established at the time of donation?

The 10-year Commemoration Period and renewal option that have been introduced to the Commemorative Trees program do not apply to those donations that were made prior to 2018 and that did not have clear program guidelines established.

Commemorative trees installed prior to 2018 will continue to be maintained by the City as part of the existing inventory without requiring any renewal donation. 

What is included in the cost of my Commemorative Tree donation and is there GST?

The donation cost includes a new tree, installation of tree, mulch, as well as a pedestal and plaque that will be displayed in front of the tree. All related maintenance over a 10-year period is also included. Prices quoted online are the full cost. There is no GST for Commemorative Tree donations.

How can I make payment for my donation?

The donation can be made via cash, cheque, money order, debit, or credit card. Once the City and Donor have finalized all details of the plaque and dedication, an invoice will be sent to the donor with payment information.

Will I get a refund of the donation if I change my mind after payment?

The City will refund the payment if the Donor cancels their Application on or before 14 days after the day on which their payment was received by the City.

What kind of maintenance is conducted for Commemorative Trees?

Maintenance for trees includes:

  • Watering for the first five years following installation to ensure establishment
  • Regular pruning cycles based on tree species
  • Tree health inspections every two years
  • Repair and refurbishment resulting from acts of vandalism, as required

Maintenance for trees does not include: 

  • Site maintenance such as snow removal, grass and mulch maintenance and upkeep of the overall park/green space
What parks are available for planting Commemorative Trees?

Locations for planting may include City and District level parks, pending approval and circulation of stakeholders. Parks that are currently closed for new Commemorative Trees include:

  • Hawrelak Park
  • Louise McKinney Park
  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Coronation Park
  • Beaumaris Lake
  • Parkallen Community Park
  • Emily Murphy Park
  • Steinhauer and Ermineskin Park
  • Muttart Grounds
  • Constable Ezio Faraone Park
Will I receive a tax receipt for my Commemorative trees donation?

Yes, tax receipts will be issued by the City to the Donor(s) in the following calendar year in which the donation is received, typically in late February and prior to April. The City will only accept charitable donations to the Commemorative Trees program which are tax deductible under Canada Revenue Agency legislation and guidelines.

Will a tax receipt be issued to all donors if there is more than one donor?

Yes, a tax receipt will be issued to all donors as long as they are listed in the Declaration of True Donor form. Please indicate on your Application Form if there is more than one donor so that the Commemorative Trees Program Coordinator can send you the Declaration of True Donor form. The minimum donation amount is $20 if a donor wants to receive a tax receipt.

What happens if the commemorative plaque that I dedicated is damaged or stolen?

Within the Commemoration Period, a commemorative plaque that is damaged or stolen will be replaced by the City at no cost to the donor. If a Commemorative Tree, within the Commemoration Period, is damaged or vandalized, reasonable efforts will be made to repair the item in a timely manner, at no cost to the donor. Donors can report such incidents to the City through 311.

For More Information

Commemorative Tree Program Coordinator


In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311


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