How much space will you need for your waste?

Waste Services is considering potential changes to residential services, such as:    

  • Collecting food scraps in a green cart
  • Seasonal collection of grass clippings and yard waste* in bundles or paper yard waste bags
  • No longer accepting grass clippings in garbage collection
  • Residents may be able to top up their green cart with grass clippings and yard waste (but no branches)
  • Seasonal collection of yard waste scheduled to manage high volumes in the spring (2 collections) and fall (2 collections)
  • Collecting garbage in a black cart 
  • Changing collection schedules

* Yard waste includes: leaves, mulch, house and garden plants, tree trimmings, fruits and roots, sticks and twigs. Branches should be tied in bundles, no longer than 1.2m (4ft) and 0.75m (2.5ft) in diameter.

As the City considers these potential changes, this waste calculator will help you determine:

  • How much space you’ll have in your green cart (food scraps) and black cart (garbage), based on the weekly amount of garbage and yard waste you currently have 
  • How many bags/bundles of yard waste you’ll have for collection day each season (2 collection days in spring, 2 collection days in the fall)


Step 1: Select a season

If you do not select a season, numbers will be based on the current season.

  • Spring: March - May
  • Summer: June - August
  • Fall: September - November
  • Winter: December - February
Step 2: How much garbage you currently set out for collection

Select the approximate number of bags of each kind you currently set out for collection each week. Use the drop-down lists below to round up or down to the closest number of full bags you usually have.

Tip: If the number of bags you have varies from week to week, try running the calculator with a high number and low number to see the differences.

Indoor Garbage

Garbage you throw away inside your home, including food scraps. Does not include blue bags.

  • 25 litre bag = white or clear kitchen catcher bag
  • 80 litre bag = regular-size black garbage bag 

Grass, Leaf and Yard Waste

Seasonal yard rakings, leaves, branches and other plant and garden waste. Does not include non-plant materials (pet waste/animal droppings, cigarette butts or other kinds of litter).

  • 80 litre bag = regular-size black garbage bag
  • 120 litre bag = extra large bag garbage or yard waste bag. These bags are sometimes orange or clear
  • 1.2 metres (4 foot) bundle of branches (equivalent to one 120 litre bag of yard waste) 
Step 3: Select your option

The City is considering two options for garbage set-outs:

  • Option 1: 120L cart for garbage
  • Option 2: 240L cart for garbage

Each of these options also include: 

  • A 120L green cart for food scraps, collected weekly spring through fall, and every 2 weeks in winter
  • Recyclables would continue to be collected separately
  • Garbage collection every 2 weeks year-round
  • Separate, seasonal grass, leaf and yard waste collection (2 collection days in the spring, 2 collection days in the fall)
What season is it?
Indoor Garbage
Leaf and Yard Waste
Garbage Options (Black Cart)
Green carts are weekly.

Grass and Yard Waste


Yard waste would be collected twice in the spring and twice in the fall. One season is approximately equal to 12 weeks.

** Approximate number of paper yard waste bags needed for excess yard waste. Assuming 110L/24 Gallon paper leaf and yard bag size. If there are a lot of grass clippings or yard waste is heavy/wet, more bags may be needed to prevent them from tearing when picked up.