To encourage community leaders and organizations to be involved in this strategy, the City of Edmonton is offering a one-time grant program available only in 2022 - the Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB) Grant Program. These grants are one way to empower communities to be involved and, in this case, advance community safety and well-being. 

Program Overview

A total of $1.5 million has been allocated to advance community safety and well-being and will go toward initiatives that address emergent community needs or opportunities, and that can be completed within the next 24 months.

Grant Amount: Up to $100,000 each | $1,500,000 of total funds available 

Community leaders and organizations with initiatives or projects that address emergent community needs that make Edmonton a more inclusive city and improve community safety and well-being, and align with CSWB Strategy outcomes, are eligible to apply.

Applications will be accepted until 11:59pm on Friday, September 30, 2022. Questions can be directed to An application practice form is available within the Application section of this page.  

The CSWB Grants are not intended to replace or duplicate other City of Edmonton grant opportunities. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the City grant most appropriate for their initiative.

Eligibility Criteria and Grant Requirements

Eligible Applicants
This program is open to individuals and organizations with a project, event or initiative that advances community safety and well-being and is within Edmonton city limits.
Grant Requirements
Applications can be submitted until September 30, 2022 through Google Forms and must meet all of the following criteria to be approved: 

  • Have specific, measurable objectives that align with one or more of the CSWB Framework Pillars and the associated outcomes.
  • Include anticipated expenses related to the grant.
  • Have qualified volunteers and/or staff to perform the work.

Meet one or more of the following guiding principles for action: 

  • Safety or Well-being focused (mandatory): The action aligns with an outcome for at least one of the seven CSWB Framework pillars. The action should seek to reduce systemic barriers, threats to safety, or create a deeper sense of connection to land, family, body, culture, and/or the human project.
  • Equity-based: The action will incorporate a GBA+ approach to remove systemic barriers. More information on Gender-based Analysis Plus can be found online.
  • Person-centred: Grounded in personal experience, the action will create a sense of connection that empowers and uplifts individuals.
  • Community-led: The action is led by the community which convenes, plans, coordinates, funds, and/or executes the work. The action involves collaboration between partners to ensure integration across systems.
  • Data-informed: The action is informed by research, analysis, knowledge and insights from one or more of Indigenous, Eastern, Western, and Interdisciplinary perspectives. Measurements will inform how to adapt and evolve the approach.
  • Trauma-informed: The action must be to create changes with long-term effects in alignment with the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, anti-racism and trauma-informed work to strengthen resilience among Edmontonians and their families.
Application Process

Complete applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. September 30, 2022. Once submitted, all applications will be reviewed by Members of the City Administration on or before the deadline. Applicants may be contacted to provide additional information relative to their submission. 

Applicants will be notified if their application is successful by October 25, 2022. 

CSWB Framework

Seven pillars make up the City of Edmonton’s Community Safety and Well-being framework

  • Anti-racism
  • Reconciliation
  • Safe and Inclusive Spaces
  • Equitable Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines
  • Pathways In and Out of Poverty
  • Crime Prevention and Crisis Intervention
  • Well-being
CSWB Outcomes

Long-term outcomes have been developed for each pillar of the Community Safety and Well-being Framework. These outcomes were shared with over 80 community leaders and organizations during the development of the CSWB Strategy. They include: 

  • Anti-racism: Policies and structures in place that are anti-racist, reconciliatory and support equity and inclusion. Individuals and communities who have experienced systemic racism and historical trauma are included, valued and respected.
  • Reconciliation: Edmontonians, Indigenous Peoples, and the City have authentic, interconnected relationships that honour, understand, and collaboratively integrate Indigenous experiences, histories, and cultures.
  • Safe and Inclusive Spaces: Communities are supported and empowered to create safe, inclusive, vibrant, sustainable and resilient spaces.
  • Equitable Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines: People making Edmonton home have enriched experiences through equitable access to programs, services, and spaces.
  • Pathways In and Out of Poverty: Edmontonians have the economic, social, and cultural resources to have a quality of life that sustains and facilitates full and meaningful participation in the community.
  • Crime Prevention and Crisis Intervention: All people feel safe and secure throughout the city because crime has been reduced through community-collaboration and culturally appropriate approaches.
  • Well-being: Edmontonians have the capacity and opportunity to pursue experiences of connection to self, body, land, arts and culture, community, human development, and spirit.
Other City Grants

The City provides multiple grant opportunities. The CSWB Grants are not intended to replace or duplicate other City of Edmonton grant opportunities. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the grant most appropriate for their initiative based on the intended outcomes of the project.

Final Report Forms

Recipients of a CSWB grant will be required to complete a Final Report outlining the results and outcomes achieved as part of the grant’s terms and conditions. Additional details on the Final Report will be shared with successful applicants.