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Neighbourhood and district parks can be enhanced through a partnered process involving a neighbourhood organization and the City of Edmonton.

Park benches, playgrounds, community league halls, sport facilities — neighbourhood parkland and amenities are critical for bringing people together and creating recreational and social opportunities for communities.

The Park and Facility Development team sits within Community Standards and Neighbourhoods and serves as a key point of reference for managing parkland and facility development projects and supporting community development. The unit is a conduit to help city liaisons (NRC’s, Sport Partner liaisons, Multicultural Liaisons etc.) support community groups with templates, manuals, processes, and project tracking.    

Support from the Park and Facility Development Team

The Park and Facility Development Team provides:

  • A consistent approach to the initial review of all parkland projects at the strategy phase

  • Resources through our website, manuals for Community Led and NPDP projects.

  • Internal and external training workshops, 

  • Project tracking

  • Continuous process review, updates and improvements based on recommendations received from internal and external stakeholders

Embarking on a Community Initiative Parkland and Facility Development Project

Are you a community group who is ready to enhance your neighbourhoods but do not know how to begin the process?  Your first step is to connect with your City Liaison.  If you are not sure who your liaison is, you can call 311, and they will be happy to help.  

The Park and Facility Development Team will then help your City Liaison and you navigate throughout all the project phases.  We will also help answer and research more involved inquiries on neighbourhood and community initiated construction projects.

The Project Proposal Assessment

The first step in initiating an idea for park and facility development parkland project- after contacting your city liaison- is to complete a project proposal assessment. Your Liaison will provide you access to this form.  This straightforward “one page” form is intended to provide the City with a basic understanding of the project size, scope, proposed physical location and how it might interact with other amenities on that site.  This will enable us to assess your project for the purposes of feasibility from a land use perspective.  This initial assessment will identify if your project should continue in the strategy phase.

Community Initiated Parkland and Facility Development Manuals

The community-led construction process and the neighbourhood park development program (NPDP) provide consistent opportunities across the city for community groups to undertake park and facility development projects.  These can be in neighbourhoods on community league land and throughout the city on parkland.

The goal of the program is to help support community-driven projects and further encourage community involvement and community development.  We have created new resources to help you develop your project ideas.  These include new manuals for each program, sample business cases, and guides to help with needs assessments and community engagement.  Your City Liaison will help you access each of these resources as your project evolves. 

Community Garden Workshop- October 19

Together with the Parks and Roads Services Branch and Sustainable Foods Edmonton, Neighbourhood Services is hosting a Community Garden Workshop on October 19, 2022, at the Sherbrooke Community League Hall.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and the presentation is from 7-8:30 with networking before and after the event.  

Please RSVP Online by October 14

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