Example of a project

Neighbourhood and district parks can be enhanced through a community led process involving a neighbourhood organization and the City of Edmonton.

Community league halls, sports facilities, neighbourhood parkland and amenities bring people together and create recreational and social opportunities for communities.

The Park and Facility Development is an important reference point for managing parkland and facility development projects and supporting community development. The team helps city liaisons (Neighbourhood resource coordinators, sport partner liaisons, multicultural liaisons and so on) by providing templates, manuals, processes and project tracking.

Support from the Park and Facility Development Team

The Park and Facility Development Team provides:

  • A consistent approach to the initial review of all parkland projects at the first stage of the community led process
  • Resources and manuals for community led projects
  • Internal and external training workshops related to the park process and /or specific projects such as community gardens
  • Project tracking
  • Continuous process review, updates and improvements based on recommendations received from internal and external stakeholders