6 storey building under construction

The owner, developer or contractor responsible for a construction or demolition site is required to develop a Fire Safety Plan acceptable to Edmonton Fire Services.

A fire safety plan is needed on your job site during construction or demolition by The National Fire Code - Alberta Edition. Edmonton Fire Rescue Services is implementing new guidelines on how owners, developers and contractors can do this. 
See Overview of New Guidelines
Note: While the new process is recommended and preferable, the current Fire Safety Plan process will be accepted until the end of this year.

Improvements to the construction site safety inspection process are being made, addressing challenges experienced by clients and making the process more effective and efficient, reducing the time it takes to complete, and prioritizing client needs. 

Scheduled to be implemented in full starting in 2024, this process will potentially decrease Building Permit issuance timelines and increase the value of inspection services including real time and on-site evaluations of fire safety plans (FSP) and overall site safety.