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311 Open Data is part of the Open City initiative which guides the development of innovative solutions to connect Edmontonians to information, programs, services and engagement opportunities.

311 Requests

311 responds to approximately 2 million inquiries a year.

Data sets provide the volume of requests for various services and displays which services are more popular in specific neighbourhoods and wards. All types of service and information requests are displayed over 3 years. Data is refreshed twice daily.

Please note: Protection of privacy legislation restricts the release of exact location information.

Open Data Visualizations

Note: Links take you to the visualizations in the open data catalogue.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Datasets

Why don’t the neighbourhood and ward inquiries add up to the same number as the overall requests?

The number of 311 requests do not always add up as a caller's address sometimes does not get captured.

Why is my neighbourhood not displaying in the drop down menu?

Only the highest volume neighbourhoods are listed in the drop down selection. To search a specific neighbourhood, follow these steps:

  1. Type the full neighbourhood name in CAPITAL letters (for example, CAPILANO)
  2. Click the search/magnify glass icon
  3. Press the Apply button

How to filter by Neighbourhood in Open Data

Why are the geographic (latitude/longitude) locations the same?

For privacy reasons, each neighbourhood and ward are identified by a general centre point in the area and not by the exact location of the request.

Citizen Connect (formerly 311 Explorer)

View and track the various types of 311 reports that have been generated near your home, in your ward or across the city on public property.

Are all types of 311 requests shown on Citizen Connect (formerly 311 Explorer)?

No. Only reports on public property are shown on Citizen Connect. Please note that protection of privacy legislation restricts the release of some information.

How far back can I see reports?

Reports on any public property in the Citizen Connect (formerly 311 Explorer) began on January 1, 2014. Note: not all flags indicate open tickets.

What does open status mean?

Open status means the service request has been received and assigned to the appropriate City area for review and action. Response times are dependent on several factors including weather conditions, availability of resources and assessed priority of the work required.

What does closed status mean?

Closed status means the appropriate City area has investigated your concern and has taken the necessary action to resolve your request. Please call 311 if further information is required.

What does the heat-map imagery mean?

The heat maps allow citizens to view the volume of requests by area. The darker the colour, the higher the concentration of reports.

What categories can I filter and explore?

Dead Animal Removal reports animals that are found deceased on City owned property.

Drainage Maintenance pertains to pooling water issues on roads, trails, or sidewalks and any draining concerns, such as broken manhole covers or storm outfalls, spillage or sewer odours.

Litter and Waste lists areas with overflowing garbage cans, requests for garbage cans and reported litter.

Parks and Sports field Maintenance includes any maintenance to City trails, pathways playground equipment and sports fields.

Parking Enforcement includes all parking complaints on public property such as abandoned vehicles, parking in a tow away zone or disabled parking stall etc.

Pest Management displays concerns of problem animals and insects such as tree bugs, wasp nests, gophers or beavers that are on City owned property.

Potholes captures potholes on roads and alleys.

Road/Sidewalk Maintenance captures concrete damage, cracks in sidewalks or roads, rail crossing repairs, displaced steel plates, paving concerns, and street sweeping requests.

Snow and Ice Maintenance includes road, sidewalk and parking lot snow/ice concerns, windrow inquiries and general winter maintenance.

Structure Maintenance displays damages or repairs to structures such as bridges, stairs and benches.

Traffic Lights and Signs includes traffic light signal or audible timing issues, traffics sign damages, and requests for traffic signs, bus shelters, benches and pads.

Tree Maintenance pertains to trees on City property; hazardous and non-hazardous trees, branches, stumps or dead trees needing removal, and trees causing obstruction of views that require pruning.

Vandalism/Graffiti includes damages or graffiti on City Structures, playground structures, bus shelters, government buildings, utility and street lights.

For More Information

311 Contact Centre

Online Contact 311 Online

If you are calling from outside of Edmonton: 780-442-5311



TTY 780-944-5555

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