Get Paid to Play!

Whether you are seeking a second job, a part-time position while you are in school, or looking for a full-time challenging position the City of Edmonton offers flexible opportunities for everyone. Our seasonal workers get to enjoy variety working in some of Edmonton's most vibrant popular venues that may include but are not limited to Fort Edmonton Park, John Janzen Nature Centre, The Edmonton Valley Zoo and City Arts Centre!

Whether you are maintaining our parks and golf courses, working as a summer daycamp leader or helping out providing administrative support, jobs in this category give you the opportunity to make a difference in the community and for the City of Edmonton. Watch for seasonal positions opening up early in the year during the spring/summer and fall/winter months.

Career Advancement Potential

Four seasons full of opportunity

The City of Edmonton has work for every season of the year. Whether it is Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall you will find that there is something for all! Here are but a few of the advantages we offer:

  • Variety: the seasonal work we offer is as varied and exciting as the City itself, providing nearly endless opportunities for committed individuals looking to make a difference in the City they live in
  • Flexibility: whether you are seeking a second job, a part-time position while you are in between full-time studies, or looking for a full-time challenge the City of Edmonton offers flexible opportunities for everyone
  • Training: only the best training is provided to ensure you are prepared for whatever you need to be successful. Often various training gained may also be applied to other seasonal positions in the future
  • Strong teams: these jobs offer the opportunity to work on a team of like minded individuals like you that are working towards a common goal! Build strong working relationships and maybe even make some new friends while you are at it
  • Career growth: your opportunity doing seasonal work may provide you with the necessary skills and development to help you secure employment with the City of Edmonton on a long term basis
  • Positive working environment: teams are supportive in nature and want to see you succeed offering lots of encouragement and recognition of a job well done.
What It Takes To Succeed

What makes a great seasonal worker?

It takes more than skills to become a seasonal worker for the City of Edmonton. We look for people who display these qualities:

  • Safety: looking for safety conscious individuals that have a desire and focus to perform the work safely, properly, and with attention to detail
  • Team player: being a strong team player is essential to ensuring success in this job category. In working together you will be able to achieve common goals and positive outcomes
  • Passion for the City of Edmonton: contribute to making the City you love a great place to live and see the direct impact your effort at work makes on the community
  • Ambition: these jobs include an element of fun, but also require a motivated hardworking attitude to succeed day-in and day-out
  • Customer service driven: most jobs in this category work with the public serving their needs in a positive way. A commitment to offering exceptional service in these roles is a primary responsibility.

Why do our seasonal workers love their job?

If you really want to know what it's like to work with the City of Edmonton, the best people to ask are the seasonal workers who commit to doing excellent work at different times year round. With much of them feeling like they get paid to play lets hear what they have to say about what they do:

I joined the City because I enjoy working with children. The supervisor made me feel welcome, as did my new co-workers, which appealed to me. I've stayed because the work environment is positive and supportive. It's given me the opportunity and flexibility to grow in my knowledge of childcare, and I really enjoy my work.

— Aura Gariepy, Childcare Attendant Supervisor

Three qualities that I think best define the City as an employer are Empathetic, Opportunity for Growth and Advancement and Safety-Driven. The best way I can describe the culture is like being part of a large sports team. Within a team, everyone has a role that he or she must fulfill to ensure the objectives of the team, or in this case, the organization, are met successfully. My experience as a part of this team has been an enjoyable one, and I look forward to going to work each day.

— Jason Becher, Labourer/Truck Driver

The City is a large public-sector organization, and I have the opportunity to learn and provide excellent public service to the public. Growth, advancement potential and leadership are important to me, and the City offers all of them.

— Qin (Linda) Lu, Staff Support Clerk