Direct Us to New Heights

Imagine where your skills, experience and talent could lead the City of Edmonton. Take a position as a leader with us and join a high-caliber team of people who have spirit, vision, motivational skills and a drive to succeed. Together, we'll strive to enhance the City of Edmonton's reputation as an internationally recognized and award-winning municipality.

A leader with the City of Edmonton is a visionary, credible and trusted role model who inspires and challenges others to achieve their full potential.

Career Advancement Potential

Our leadership strategy includes you

The City of Edmonton is dedicated to supporting our leaders in their pursuit of continuous improvement and professional advancement. Our leadership strategy encourages success and includes the following programs:

Leadership Development Program

Professionals at the director level and above can enhance their most important skills through our unique leadership development program. Combining comprehensive coursework and personal instruction to create a powerful educational experience, this program is designed to:

  • Promote the achievement of optimal results
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Encourage positive response to organizational change
  • Develop top performers.

Leadership Speakers Series

Our leaders gather to share ideas, learn and offer input on issues facing the City on a semi-annual basis. General managers, branch managers and directors from all departments are encouraged to attend. Topics include:

  • Understanding corporate opportunities related to each topic
  • Impact upon management of operations
  • Implications of the subject matter and its effects upon other professionals, including the need for change
  • Lessons learned from other organizations
  • A better understanding of senior management team goals.

Leadership Exchange Forum

Five times a year, our leadership exchange forum brings members of our extended leadership team together, including branch managers, general managers and our city manager. The objectives include:

  • Exploration of leadership themes
  • Communication and promotion of the priorities of the senior management team
  • Sharing the city manager's expectations with the senior management team
  • Sharing the extended leadership team's successes and ideas.
What It Takes To Succeed

Excellent traits lead to excellent results

City of Edmonton leaders come from all walks of life, but have a lot in common. Our leaders are:

  • Personable: a progressive outlook for planning and building a great City while keeping the big picture in mind
  • Inspirational: to their teams, colleagues and the community
  • Mindful: of the needs of Edmontonians with every action they take
  • Managers: who direct projects that enhance the experience of all residents and visitors.

The skills and competencies that define leadership

Our leaders at all levels are expected to be experts at managing people and operations. In order to achieve results and maintain continual improvement, we expect our leaders to:

  • Set direction and align resources
  • Grow and retain talent
  • Create a high-performance climate
  • Achieve results
  • Lead change
  • Build influential business relationships
  • Encourage effective communication
  • Utilize strategic thinking, planning and organizing
  • Use operations-management abilities
  • Demonstrate technical and functional expertise.