Making the City Work Better

Build the workforce that builds the City of Edmonton.

Help enhance our City with new business initiatives, guide important projects and maintain a strong leadership presence with our dynamic group of business professionals.

The City of Edmonton offers a wide range of business professional opportunities including positions in marketing, human resources, law and various others.

Career Advancement Potential

Opportunities as Diverse as the Communities We Serve

Join us and enjoy the following benefits:

  • A growing city with growing potential: Edmonton offers excellent potential to learn and grow throughout your career
  • Supportive management: our leaders appreciate your professional goals and encourage you to achieve them
  • Comprehensive training: learn from experienced professionals who have the knowledge you need and are excited to share it with you
  • An innovative team: as you face new challenges, the people around you strive to provide new solutions to help you succeed
  • A broad selection of career choices: as your objectives change throughout your career, there are opportunities to learn new things and gain additional skills in various departments.
What It Takes To Succeed

What does it take to be a successful business professional?

Our business professionals come from a wide variety of cultural and educational backgrounds but have certain qualities in common.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills: the ability to build and sustain lasting relationships is vital to the success of our entire organization
  • Analytical skills: solving problems as they arise comes naturally to you
  • Team attitude: collaborating with others is important, as is appreciating how your unique contributions lead to the success of the group
  • Customer-service orientation: you enjoy assisting other people to reach their goals, which brings you closer to your own objectives
  • Passion: enthusiasm for the City and for helping internal and external clients leads to positive results.

Learn What Our Business Professionals Have to Say

What can you expect from a career as a business professional at the City of Edmonton? We think this is best answered by the business professionals you would be working with.

I chose to work here because of the work/life balance and strong leadership in my department. The City of Edmonton's culture is collaborative, engaging, and supportive. It is continually striving to be a better place to work.

— Jennifer Rawluk, Labour Relations Consultant

Some qualities that describe the City as an employer would be secure, inclusive and team-oriented. Transportation, and especially DATS, is very team-oriented, and has to work cohesively in order to provide quality service to our customers. One phrase I would choose to describe the culture or philosophy here would be 'commitment to excellence.'

— Ian Newel, Methods Analyst

What I find most rewarding is being able to educate hiring managers on how to hire the best people into their positions. By ensuring the best people are hired, we are ensuring the right talent is working on key initiatives to make our City better. I also find it very rewarding to help our staff solve problems and deal with difficult issues. It's nice to know you are relied upon for support and guidance.

— Aly Moorji, Team Lead

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