fresh: Edmonton’s Food and Agriculture Strategy, was developed by an Advisory Committee comprised of 15 stakeholders and experts in agriculture, food systems, economic, community and land development, and supported by project consultants and City staff.

Using the food system as a guide, the Advisory Committee identified five Goals that would serve as a foundation for the Strategy.

  • A stronger, more vibrant local economy
  • A healthier, more food secure community
  • Healthier ecosystems
  • Less energy, emissions and waste
  • More vibrant, attractive and unique places

Next, the Advisory Committee developed nine Strategic Directions, which form the basis of action for the entire Strategy.

  1. Establish the Edmonton Food Council
  2. Provide Food Skill Education and Information
  3. Expand Urban Agriculture
  4. Develop Local Food Infrastructure Capacity
  5. Grow Local Food Supply and Demand
  6. Enliven the Public Realm Through a Diversity of Food Activities
  7. Treat Food Waste as a Resource
  8. Support Urban Farmers and Ecological Approaches to Farming
  9. Integrate Land Use for Agriculture