Get the facts on electric vehicles and their benefits.

Myth: Electric vehicles produce as many greenhouse gas emissions as a regular vehicle
  • Fact: Driving an electric vehicle in Alberta has been estimated to reduce emissions by up to 41% compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle (gas/diesel) and that percentage is expected to increase to up to 74% as Alberta’s electric grid gets greener. Considering life-cycle emissions, EVs have shown to offset their excess manufacturing emissions within the first 6 to 16 months of operation due to the absence of tailpipe emissions.
Myth: Electric vehicles are expensive to buy and operate
  • Fact: While the initial purchase price of electric vehicles is higher, the federal government has purchase and lease incentives available for light-duty as well as medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles. The light-duty zero-emission vehicle incentive of up to $5,000 is available until March 31, 2025 or until available funding is exhausted.

  • Fact: EVs cost less to maintain and operate due to fewer moving parts and lower fuel costs. The average annual savings on fuel and maintenance for an EV in Alberta compared to an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle is about $3,000.

Myth: Electric vehicles don’t perform well in the winter
  • Fact: EVs are safe and effective in Edmonton winters. Battery range can be reduced in cold weather but is still well within the average Edmonton trip distances. Electric vehicles will also start instantly in the cold and heat up quickly.
Myth: Electric vehicles don’t have adequate range to meet my daily transportation needs
  • Fact: The City’s latest Household Travel Survey shows that the average car trip in Edmonton is 9.4 km while the average round trip commute is 25.6 km - well within the range of electric vehicles on the market today. The range for EVs varies from 175 km to over 500 km.