Neighbourhood Renewal

The City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Renewal Program is focused on the renewal and rebuilding of roads, sidewalks, and streetlights throughout the City.

Collector Renewal Projects

Collector roads, running through multiple neighbourhoods, benefit from more in-depth concept planning before reconstruction.

Neighbourhood Reconstruction Schedules

Reconstruction Schedules

2015 Neighbourhoods

2016 Neighbourhoods

2017 Neighbourhoods

What is Neighbourhood Renewal?

About Neighbourhood Renewal

This innovative program, a first of its kind in Canada, is improving Edmonton neighbourhoods infrastructure.

Road resurfacing

How are Neighbourhoods Chosen?

Poor road pavement conditions

Selection Process

Each year, 1/4 of the City local roads are assessed visually for condition of pavement, curbs and sidewalk.


Local Improvements

Local Improvements

During reconstruction, property owners can choose to include certain local improvements.

Sidewalk reconstruction

Northeast Roads

Northeast Road Reconstruction

The City is addressing the special drainage requirements that are needed in some northeast neighbourhoods.


Preventative Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance programs that address areas requiring repairs and maintenance.

For More Information

Neighbourhood Renewal Construction

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