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Community Walking Maps

Communities on Foot Map Series

Walkability adds strength and enjoyment to the fabric of community life. While out walking, we meet our neighbours, get some exercise, visit local shops, and enjoy public spaces. We also become the 'eyes on the street' that enhance safety and reduce crime.

Walkable Edmonton and our community leagues are working together to create neighbourhood-based walking maps. These maps bring neighbours together and build a more walkable community by providing resources and supporting active living.

Community Walking Maps are available free of charge and distributed at the following locations:

Completed Walking Maps
Last Update: Sept 2013

  • Edmonton Public Libraries
  • Community Services Offices
  • Community League Halls

All of the Map Series are available at City Hall and the Stanley A. Milner brach of the Edmonton Public Library downtown.

If you'd like us to mail you a copy, contact us at the address or email listed at the bottom of the page.

More maps are under development each year.

Check out our Where to Walk page for more walking maps and resources.



Here are the neighbourhood walking maps we have completed:

North East Edmonton Walking Maps


Avenue Communities Walking Map
Includes Alberta Avenue | Cromdale | Delton | Eastwood | Elmwood Park | Parkdale | Spruce Avenue | Westwood

Clareview North Walking Map
Includes Fraser | Hairsine | Kirkness | Bannerman | Clareview Campus

Clareview South Walking Map
Includes Sifton Park | Belmont | Kernohan | Homesteader | Overlanders | Canon Ridge

Highlands Walking Map
Includes Bellevue | Highlands | Virginia Park

Londonderry/Steele Heights Walking Map
Includes Kildare | York

McCauley Walking Map

Riverdale Walking Map


North West Edmonton Walking Maps


Cumberland and Oxford Walking Map
Includes Cumberland | Oxford


Jasper Park Walking Map
Includes Jasper Park | Lynnwood

Laurier Heights Walking Map
Includes Crestwood | Laurier Heights | Parkview

Meadowlark and West Meadowlark Walking Map
Includes Meadowlark | West Meadowlark Park

North Glenora Walking Map


Rio Terrace Walking Map
Includes Westridge | Wolf Willow | Country Club | Rio Terrace | Patricia Heights | Quesnell Heights

Stony Plain Road Walking Map
Includes Britannia Youngstown | Canora | Glenwood | West Jasper Place

Woodcroft Walking Map



South East Edmonton Walking Maps


Bonnie Doon Walking Map
Includes Bonnie Doon | Cloverdale | Strathearn

Greater Hardisty Walking Map
Includes Fulton Place | Capilano | Gold Bar

Mill Creek South Walking Map
Includes Argyll | Avonmore | Hazeldean | King Edward Park | Ritchie

Strathcona Walking Map



South West Edmonton Walking Maps


Duggan Walking Map
Includes Duggan | Rideau Park

Ermineskin Walking Map
Includes Ermineskin | Steinhauer

Parkallen Walking Map

The Ridge Communities Walking Map
Includes Haddow | Henderson Estates | Falconer Heights

Riverbend Walking Map
Includes Brander Gardens | Brookside | Ramsay Heights | Rhatigan Ridge | Bulyea Heights

Royal Gardens Walking Map
Includes Aspen Gardens | Greenfield | Royal Gardens | Westbrook Estates

Twin Brooks Walking Map



Community Walking Maps iPhone App Edmonton Walking Maps iPhone App

Getting around your neighbourhood and accessing local facilities, trails and points of interest just got easier, thanks to the new Edmonton Walking Maps iPhone application.

For $1.99 per download, you get 18 maps covering over 49 neighbourhoods within Edmonton and each map includes interesting and useful information unique to that particular area.

For example, if you want to know about the best toboggan hill in the neighbourhood of Brookside or find a store open late in Woodcroft, or perhaps you are a realtor driving with your clients through Rio Terrace looking for the nearest off leash dog park; the new Edmonton Walking Maps app can give you quick access to that information, saving you time and the need to consult the larger paper maps.

The community walking maps are part of the Communities on Foot Map series and are walking and community guides, created as a joint project between the City and local community leagues or groups, to promote walkable, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods and create a more livable city.

For more information:

Great Neighbourhoods

2nd Floor, Beaufort Building
10835-120 Street NW
PO Box 2359
Edmonton AB  T5J 2R7

Where do you find the walking maps? Walking maps are available at your local public library or let us know and we'll mail you one free of charge.

Title Walkable Edmonton Coordinator


Fax 780-495-0330
Email WalkableEdmonton@edmonton.ca