The budget is the City’s plan for where we will get money (revenues) and how we will spend it (expenditures). It maps out how property tax dollars and other funding will be invested to provide the programs, services and construction projects Edmontonians rely on.

Every spring and fall, Council approves adjustments to our 4-year budget in response to significant changes.

Spring Budget Adjustment

On April 23, 2024, Council approved a number of changes to the 2023-2026 operating budget and arrived at a property tax levy increase of 8.9% for 2024.

The budget adjustment allows the City to maintain funding for most of its 70 services that Edmontonians use every day. It also allows for the City to deliver on the service increases that City Council approved for 2024, including:

  • Operating the new Metro Line LRT to the new NAIT Station
  • Adding more bus service hours to improve public transit access and align to service standards
  • Expanding library service at Heritage Valley
  • Advancing the work on Edmonton's Anti-Racism Strategy and Truth and Reconciliation
  • Piloting an assisted snow-clearing program for seniors and people with mobility challenges
  • Increasing support for major event bidding in partnership with Explore Edmonton

Edmonton households will pay about $66 more in property taxes for every $100,000 of their assessed home value in 2024. Property taxes for the average household in Edmonton will be about $8.97 per day.

News Release:  City Council finalizes 2024 spring budget adjustments