In 2021, there were 17,363 crashes on Edmonton roadways resulting in:

  • 2,075 injuries and 259 people hospitalized
  • 16 deaths
    • 5 pedestrians
    • 2 motorcyclists 
    • 1 cyclist
    • 8 automobile occupants

Collisions result in higher insurance premiums, increased wait times for emergency services and medical care, higher taxes, legal costs, lost productivity and travel delays. If we consider the pain and suffering of victims and their families the cost of these preventable collisions are almost immeasurable.

Some safety features can be built into the road system like protected left turn lights, stop signs and pedestrian crossing lights. Even with these features, each of us can increase road safety through our choices.


Speeding contributes to the number and severity of collisions. Higher speeds increase the likelihood and severity of crashes while lower speed limits improve safety for everyone; especially people walking and biking.

When we asked drivers about the top reason for speeding, the most common response was “Trying to keep up with traffic” (Traffic Safety Culture Survey).

When you drive within the speed limit, other drivers may match your speed.

Safe Roads - Spring and Summer

Safe Roads - Fall

Safe Roads - Winter

Following Too Closely

In 2021, 36% of all motor-vehicle crashes in Edmonton were a result of drivers following too closely behind the vehicle in front of them. More than 6,000 crashes could have been avoided simply by leaving more space between vehicles.

When asked about their reasons for tailgating, the most common response was “Feeling frustrated that the vehicle ahead was not traveling as fast as I would like” (Traffic Safety Culture Survey).

Relax. Get there in one piece. Leave more space when the roads are wet, icy, or have gravel or sand on them.

Distracted Driving

Distraction accounts for 20-30% of motor vehicle crashes. Most drivers associate distracted driving with the use of cell phones and mobile devices. However, a distraction can refer to anything that takes your eyes off the road and/or your mind away from driving. Make getting to your destination safely your priority.

Red Lights

No matter how slowly, rolling through a red light (or past a stop sign) is a traffic violation and puts pedestrians at risk. Come to a complete stop.


If you see driver who appears to be impaired, call 9-1-1. 
Curb the Danger (EPS)

Besides being an offence to operate a motor vehicle if one’s ability to drive is impaired by alcohol and/or drugs, impairment also increases the risk of injuring or killing someone.
Cannabis (EPS) 

Driving High is a DUI

Pedestrian Safety

The sad truth is the majority of vehicle/pedestrian collisions happen at intersections and in crosswalks. Both drivers and pedestrians need to watch for each other.
Pedestrian Safety Tips

Winter Driving

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