Project Status

Implementation, Education, and Enforcement

Starting August 6, the speed limit will be 40 km/h on most residential and downtown streets. An extensive public education campaign will now begin to help Edmontonians become aware of the change.

Why 40 km/h?

Reducing speed limits on residential streets, the downtown, and high pedestrian areas will make our streets safer, calmer, and quieter for everyone. Slowing down gives people more time to react to the unexpected to prevent crashes and reduce the severity of collisions that do happen. The Estimated Time of Arrival Tool shows how little impact there will be to driving times with this change.

Reducing the default speed limit is one important action within the Safe Mobility Strategy 2021-2025, Edmonton’s approach to advancing Vision Zero. It is a key component of the City's strategic goals for the next 10 years and supports ConnectEdmonton in creating a safe, healthy, urban and climate resilient city for all residents.

Safe Speeds Toolkit

Be part of the change. Use the Safe Speeds Toolkit to tell your friends, family and neighbours about how 40km/h increases your field of vision, gives you more time to react, and reduces the likelihood of tragic crashes.