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On average, more than 300 pedestrians are struck by vehicles every year in Edmonton. In those collisions, pedestrians always come out the losers. Although vehicle/pedestrian collisions happen year round, evidence shows that more pedestrians are likely to be injured in the Fall months when daylight diminishes.

Heads Up Pedestrians!

Visibility in the Dark

If you are wearing dark clothing, or even yellow or orange clothing in the dark, you are not visible to drivers until you are 36 metres from them. If a vehicle is travelling at 60 km/h on dry pavement, and presuming that the driver sees you and reacts immediately, the minimum stopping distance is 36 metres. If you are lucky, it will only bump you.

Be Seen

Being visible is not the same as being seen. Whether it is daylight or after dark, make sure drivers see you before you cross the street:

  • Point or wave to signal your intention to cross the street
  • Make eye contact
  • Watch for drivers turning into the crosswalk

Be Visible

When drivers are watching for headlights, they may not be as aware of pedestrians as they should be.

Help drivers see you in the dark by:

  • Wearing light-coloured clothing
  • Wearing sports clothing made with reflective material
  • Adding stick-on reflective strips to backpacks, canes, or totes
  • Using safety lights, a flashing cell-phone app or flashlight

Heads Up Drivers!

For safety, drive to conditions when it is dark out, especially on heavily overcast and stormy days. And remember that we are all pedestrians too.

  • Be alert. 66% of vehicle/pedestrians collisions happen at intersections and crosswalks
  • Hang up and drive. Don't text or use your phone
  • Slow down. Make eye contact with pedestrians
  • Watch for vehicles slowing down around you, they may be yielding to a pedestrian
  • Heads up at intersections! Follow traffic lights

Some Shocking Statistics

From 2011-2015 in Edmonton there were:

  • 1545 vehicle/pedestrian collisions
  • 1034 of these collisions happened in intersections (66% of all pedestrian collisions)
  • In 845 of these collisions, pedestrians had right-of-way (82%)
  • Of the 845 vehicle-at-fault collisions,
    • 384 (45%)the vehicle was going straight ahead
    • 287 (34%) were turning left
    • 163 (19%) were turning right

From the Edmonton Traffic Safety Culture Survey

Pedestrians not crossing roads safely:

  • 76% jaywalk by crossing mid-block
  • 90% jaywalk by starting to cross after the walk signal has ended
  • 75% talk on the phone while walking

Distracted drivers:

  • 90% of drivers think that other drivers text messaging or using the phone while driving is a serious threat to their personal safety
  • 19% admit to talking on a hand-held phone while driving
  • 11% admit to sending a text or email while driving

The Blame Game

No matter who is at fault, a human body is no match for a vehicle. Pedestrians have only a 10% chance of surviving if the vehicle that strikes them is traveling over 50 km/h. Pedestrians and drivers share responsibility for preventing collisions. Do your part. Look out for each other.

Pedestrian Safety

For More Information

Traffic Safety

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9304 – 41 Avenue
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Telephone 780-495-0371
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