Shared Streets and Mobility Lanes are opening again this spring, for people who walk, bike and drive, regardless of how they choose to move around our city!

The health and safety of Edmontonians is our top priority. Shared Streets and Mobility Lanes are one way we will help everyone stay safe and comply with Alberta Health Services physical distancing guidelines. This work was initiated in 2020, as we adapted to how the COVID pandemic impacted our lives.

Shared Streets are open for people to use to bike, walk, or other active modes. Vehicle access is restricted to local traffic only on these streets. Since all modes are using the same space, the speed limit is reduced to 20 km/hr. 

Mobility Lanes open the use of a vehicle lane for people to use for physical activity by closing the lane to vehicle traffic and reducing speed limits to 40 km/hr.

The list of locations were selected based on population density, pedestrian activity, type and design of the road, safety as well as feedback and data from the 2020 implementation. Additional locations may be added by the City. 

Installation began on April 16 and will continue throughout April and early May as street sweeping is completed along those streets.