As part of Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal, the City is renewing the alley north of Whyte Avenue from Gateway Boulevard to 104 Street.

Project Update - December 2021

Neighbourhood Renewal work is complete for 2021 in Strathcona Back Street.

2021 Work Completed

  • Reconstructing the alley with a concrete surface
  • Transforming 2 existing lots into plaza spaces with paving stones
  • Adding new trees and low impact development facilities in partnership with EPCOR to improve drainage
  • Constructing 3 parallel parking stalls along 83 Avenue
  • Increasing lighting along the back street

The project also includes community partner funded elements that help beautify the space. Thank you to the Old Strathcona Business Association, Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market and Old Strathcona Youth Society who contributed to partner funding in 2021.

Future Work

(as fundraising allows)

  • Lighting to improve the look and feel of the area including hanging lights above the plaza spaces
  • Centralized waste disposal for properties in the area
  • Entrance features
  • Custom bench seating
  • Other artistic elements

Thank you for your understanding and patience as the City completed renewal work in this exciting new space!

Project Overview

Neighbourhood Renewal includes reconstruction of local and collector streets and sidewalks. Alleys are not usually included in this process, however, sometimes an alley functions as a street, and may be considered for reconstruction through the Neighbourhood Renewal Program. Identification of these types of alleys is based on how the alley is used, and the relationship between the alley and the buildings next to it, including situations where:

  • The only access to a building or unit is from the alley

  • A building “fronts” the alley with its active edge including windows, doors and pedestrian access

This Strathcona alley is more than an alley. Since there are several commercial units and a residential apartment building with active edges and main entrances facing the alley, it is considered a “back street”, and as such, is included in Strathcona's Neighbourhood Renewal.