Neighbourhood Renewal construction in Ottewell has wrapped up for the 2023 construction season!

Project Update - November 2023

2023 construction began in June and was finished the first week of November. The 2023 construction season was a success and we completed a significant portion of the planned work in the area outlined in the scope map below. This includes all underground utility installations, the majority of sidewalk, curb and gutter replacements, some areas of road reconstruction and landscaping work. 

Due to a later construction start on the project as well as unforeseen utility conflicts, we were unable to complete street light and LID installations that were initially planned for this year. Several areas of road reconstruction and concrete replacement were in turn impacted due to their integration with these features. These areas have been rescheduled to be completed in 2024. We have placed temporary asphalt structures in these areas to ensure all roads and sidewalks are safe and accessible for residents over the winter season.

The outstanding work will be completed when construction resumes in 2024. Parts of the 2023 construction area will also require sod. Once the weather warms up, typically in early May, the landscape subcontractor will be completing the sod placement. By waiting until spring, the sod is more likely to establish. 

Neighbourhood Renewal work will resume in the Ottewell neighbourhood in spring of 2024, weather permitting. We will complete the outstanding road reconstruction, sidewalk renewal, street light installation and LID construction from the 2023 scope of work. We will also be completing the scope of work previously planned for 2024. This includes road reconstruction, sidewalk renewal, LID construction, streetlight renewal and landscaping work. Prior to work resuming, construction notifications will be delivered to impacted residences. 

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Scope Map

Ottewell Scope Map

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Local Improvements


Property owners within the boundaries of the first 2 years of construction of the Ottewell neighbourhood had the opportunity to participate in the Local Improvement decision.

Property owners were mailed a local improvement package dated February 3, 2023 which included information about the sidewalk reconstruction Local Improvement and a form for those who wished to petition against. The 30-day petition period has since expired. Since the City did not receive majority (50% +1) petitions against the Local Improvement, sidewalk reconstruction will take place in all project areas over 2 years of construction within this area of the neighborhood.

Property owners on streets scheduled to see construction 2025-26 can expect to receive their notices in early 2025. That notice package will include information on how to participate in the decision. 

If you have questions regarding the Local Improvement process specifically, please contact

About the Project

Neighbourhood reconstruction rehabilitates residential roads, replaces street lights, sidewalks, curbs and gutters and adds missing sidewalk links where possible. Other opportunities to improve how people walk, bike, drive and gather in the neighbourhood and how they enjoy City-owned parks and open spaces are also explored.  

A series of public events were scheduled by the Project Team which gave residents the opportunity to build a Project Vision and Guiding Principles together and provide feedback on the different stages of the project, including design.

Cost sharing opportunities will be made available through the Local Improvement process for sidewalk reconstruction and decorative street light upgrades in the neighbourhood. Arterial roads and alleys are not included in the scope of work.