Bus Lanes

Bus lanes provide fast and reliable transit service. The lanes provide buses with their own specific lane that cannot be used by other vehicles with the exception of Police, emergency vehicles and Taxis. There are currently a few locations which have Bus Lanes:


  • Castle Downs Transit Centre
  • 97 Street between 118 - 137 Avenue SB
  • 97 Street between 125 - 135 Avenue NB
  • Jasper Avenue
  • Stony Plain Road and 102 Avenue.


  • 109 Street

Drivers who drive, stop or park in bus lanes during operational hours, may be issued a fine.

Bus Traps

Bus traps are roads specifically designed for buses only.  Cars that travel down these road risk damage to their vehicles due to the design of the road. There are currently 2 bus trap locations within the city:

  • 132 Avenue and 34 Street
  • 134 Avenue and 40 Street