About the Project

The City initiated a concept planning study for 76 Avenue from Gateway Boulevard to Saskatchewan Drive; and 106 Street from Whitemud Drive to Saskatchewan Drive. This study reviewed how the corridors serve pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, and how they support surrounding residential and business communities.

106 Street and 76 Avenue form a crossroad in the mixed residential and commercial neighbourhood of Queen Alexandra in the Greater Strathcona area. Project considerations include:

  • Collector roads
  • Maintaining connections for neighbourhoods in Edmonton’s inner south west.
  • Retaining the on-street Bike Routes identified in the Bicycle Transportation Plan. They cross the city and are needed to connect major destinations.
  • Much of the corridor includes bus routes with on-street parking.

The 106 Street and 76 Avenue improvements were constructed as part of the Neighbourhood Renewal program in:

2017 - Queen Alexandra
2017/18 - Strathcona
2018 - McKernan
2018 - Belgravia
2018 - Allendale

Pleasantview and Empire Park will go through the process at a later date.

Engage 106-76 Collector Concept Plan

Find out more about the project, the concept plan highlights, what we heard, and next steps in the March 2017 Engage 106-76 Factsheet.

Traffic Management and Trial Measures Map

Where We Are Today

Public engagement was an important part of developing the concept plan for this project. Public engagement activities included: 

  • Residents signed up as Community Partners
  • Surveys were used to understand Walkability, Livability, Drivability/Transit use, and Bikeability 
  • Workshops in each community explored local experiences, challenges, and opportunities
  • Feedback on the draft concept plan was gathered at an Open House in April 2016
  • In September 2016, information on the completed concept plan was shared at a community event

Additional engagement will be needed in the Pleasantview and Empire Park communities. Information about this engagement will be posted when it is available.