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On average, more than 300 pedestrians are struck by vehicles every year in Edmonton. In those collisions, pedestrians always come out the losers. The sad truth is the majority of vehicle/pedestrian collisions happen at intersections and in crosswalks.

Heads Up Drivers!

The Deadly Left Turn

You’re waiting for your chance to turn left, you get a break in traffic and put the pedal down. Suddenly you realize a person is in the crosswalk. By the time your mind says, “Hit the brake,” you could have already struck the pedestrian. The shocking truth is, in pedestrian injury collisions, 34% are by drivers turning left. And left turning vehicles account for a high number of pedestrian fatalities.

The Deadly Right Turn

You come to a red light, slow down until you are almost stopped, see that no traffic is coming from your left and you wheel around the corner… right into a pedestrian. Because you were going slow, the pedestrian may survive. Unfortunately, 19% of vehicle/pedestrian collisions happen when drivers are turning right.

Look Before You Turn

Preventing pedestrian collisions in crosswalks starts with checking for pedestrians before you turn.

Heads Up Pedestrians!

Watch for turning vehicles

You’ve got the walk signal and you begin to cross. You have the right of way. It is up to drivers to yield to you. You are half ways across when you hear a vehicle almost on top of you. 

A human body is no match for a vehicle. Pedestrians have only a 10% chance of surviving if the vehicle that strikes them is traveling over 50 km/h. Stay alert all the way across the intersection.

Pedestrian Safety tips

Our bodies are fragile and even a small difference in speed can mean the difference between life and death. This is especially true for pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. You can play your part by staying within the speed limit and driving to the conditions. Remember that a speed limit is a maximum travel speed, not merely a guide.

Between 2012-2016, there were 833 fatal or serious injury collisions in 50 km/h zones and 700 in 60 km/h zones. Driving even a few kilometres over the speed limit adds to the risk.

When in a crash in Edmonton, compared to motorists:

  • Pedestrians are approximately 55 times more likely to die 
  • Motorcyclists are approximately 30 times more likely to die
  • Bicyclists are approximately 6 times more likely to die

- statistics based on 2012-2016 collision data

Collision Locations (2012-2016)

Bicycle Collisions

Motorcycle Collisions

Pedestrian Collisions

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