Some development, permit, licensing, and construction and inspection services are still operating at adjusted levels.

Appointments are available for the following applications, as generally if they meet all requirements and can be approved on the same day:

  • Demolition permits 
  • Basement developments (without a wet bar)
  • Rear uncovered decks
  • Detached garage & shed permits 
  • Hot Tub permits

Appointments are not available for all other residential applications. These can be submitted without an appointment by mail, email, online, or dropped off in person. Review timelines are the same for each method of application.

No appointment is necessary to speak with a technical officer about a project inquiry.  Call 311 or contact us online to connect with a technical advisor.  

Please note: Your application must be complete and meet all regulations and standards in order for your permit to be issued. Additional permits may be required for your project. Ensure you review the specific required documentation and forms for your application.