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Property Assessment

To ensure all Edmonton property owners pay their fair share of municipal and provincial education property taxes, the City uses a property assessment process as established by the provincial government.

The City mails out property assessment notices in early January to all property owners within Edmonton to give you an opportunity to

  • review your property‚Äôs assessed value
  • obtain more information if you have questions or concerns about your updated market value assessment
  • plan ahead for your property tax payment.

Your tax bill arrives in May; property tax payments are due by June 30.

Assessment Process

Understanding Property Assessment Process.

Your property's value established

Learn how assessments connect to taxes and how your property is valued.

Your Notice

Assessment notice screenshot

Your notice explained

Understand what your assessment notice says and where to search for more details.

Common Questions

City 311 Customer Service Staff

If you've got questions

Find answers to questions you might have about property assessments.

For Homeowners

Secure web site

Property-specific details

Verify information specific to your property through this password-protected site.

For Seniors

Tax assistance

Financial property tax assistance is available for seniors.

For Businesses

Business Meeting

Assessment & taxation matters

Assessment and taxation information for multi- and non-residential property owners.

Ways to Resolve your Concerns

What if you don't agree?

Several resources are available to you if you question the assessed value of your property or have come across an error in your notice.

For More Information

Assessment Information

Telephone In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
TTY 780-944-5555
Email assessment@edmonton.ca