Approved rezoning of 2304 199 Street NW allowing for single detached housing on small lots.

The Uplands Rezoning map
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An application has been approved to rezone land at 2304 199 Street NW from Agricultural Zone (AG) and Semi-detached Residential Zone (RF4) to Planned Lot Residential Zone (RPL) and Direct Development Control Provision (DC1)

The RPL Zone allows single detached housing on small lots with either street or lane vehicle access. 

The Revised Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) provides an opportunity for increased density of Single Detached Housing, with no side yard on one side of each lot along a residential block. These zones have been applied in many newer residential neighbourhoods.

City Council Public Hearing Date: Monday August 28, 2017
City Council Approval Date: Monday August 28, 2017
Reference File Number: LDA17-0291