Proposed rezoning along 108A Street NW, north of 86 Avenue NW, and near the corner of 109 Street NW and Saskatchewan Drive NW.

A planning application has been submitted to rezone land within the Garneau neighbourhood along 108A Street NW, north of 86 Avenue NW and near the corner of 109 Street NW and Saskatchewan Drive NW. The specific street addresses are 8630, 8632, 8634, 8638, and 8642 108A Street NW, and 8715 109 Street NW.

The applicant's name for the project is The Hive Residential Tower.

Applicant Adjustments to the Proposal

At a Public Hearing on November 17, 2020, at the applicant’s request, City Council passed a motion to have this application referred back to administration. The applicant has now made the following main revisions to the proposal:

  • Removing 8650 108A Street
  • Adjusting the proposed tower from an “L-shape” to a rectangle
  • Increasing the maximum height from 70-75 metres to 75-80 metres
  • Decreasing the maximum floor area ratio from 10.0 to 8.5
  • Decreasing the maximum number of dwellings from 271 to 245
  • Decreasing the maximum tower floor plate from 855 to 800 square metres
  • Removing ground oriented dwellings facing the lane to the north
  • Adjustments to some tower setbacks
  • Adjustments to the types of community amenity contributions

A comparison document is available to show how these changes would be reflected in the proposed zoning text, and visually in the appendices to the proposed zone. You are encouraged to review and provide feedback to the City by contacting Andrew McLellan by email or by phone at 780-496-2939.

About The Application

The proposed rezoning is for two sites. The first, on 109 Street NW, is from a Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2.528-Area A) to the Low-Intensity Business Zone (CB1) with the Main Streets Overlay. The purpose of the CB1 Zone with the Main Streets Overlay is to provide for low intensity commercial, office and service uses that encourage and strengthen the pedestrian-oriented character of Edmonton’s main street commercial areas that are located in proximity to residential and transit-oriented areas, by providing visual interest, transparent storefront displays, and amenities for pedestrians.

The second site, on 108A Street NW, is proposed to change from a Site-Specific Development Control Provision (DC2.528-Area B) and the Low-Rise Apartment Zone (RA7) to a new Site-Specific Development Control Provision (DC2). The proposed DC2 Provision would allow for a residential high-rise building with the following characteristics:

  • A maximum height of 75-80 metres (approximately 24-27 storeys)
  • A maximum floor area ratio of 8.5
  • Up to 245 dwellings (including at least 7 with 3 bedrooms)
  • A tower floor plate of 800 square metres
  • Townhouse style dwellings at the ground level facing 108A Street NW 
  • Underground and enclosed surface parking accessed from the lane to the west

An associated application has been made to amend the Garneau Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to revise policies and maps that effectively limit development on the 108A Street NW site to 4 storeys. Policy 2.2a currently directs high-rise development to the north of the rail right-of-way along Saskatchewan Drive only. The proposed amendment would allow a tower to be built on the 108A Street site.