Proposed rezoning and plan amendments for the St. John’s School Site at 10231 120 Street NW and a portion of Oliver Park at 10326 118 Street NW.

The Application Proposal

This application was refused by City Council at the April 29, 2019 Public Hearing

A planning application is being processed for rezoning and amendments to the Oliver Area Redevelopment Plan and the 104 Avenue Corridor Area Redevelopment Plan for:

  • the northeast corner of 104 Avenue NW and 118 Street NW to allow for a high-rise residential tower with townhouse style units facing 118 Street NW
  • the site of the former St. John’s School, 10231 120 Street NW, to create a new city park

The rezoning would change the former St. John’s School from Urban Services (US) to Public Parks Zone (AP). The northeast corner of 104 Avenue NW and 118 Street NW, currently part of Oliver Park, would be rezoned from Public Parks Zone (AP) to Site Specific Development Control (DC2) zone.