The proposed rezonings and associated amendment are intended to support the implementation of the River Crossing Business Plan.

A planning application has been received to amend the Rossdale Area Redevelopment Plan.

The application also proposes to rezone the following properties in the Rossdale neighbourhood: 9507, 9511, 9519, 9523, 9527 and 9533 105 Street NW; 9804 107 Street NW; 9530 104 Street NW; and 10155 96 Avenue NW.

About the Application

The current zoning for the properties is Metropolitan Recreation Zone (A), Direct Development Control Provision (DC1), and Public Utility Zone (PU).

The proposed zoning (map) is for Metropolitan Recreation Zone (A), Alternative Jurisdiction Zone (AJ), River Valley Activity Node Zone (AN), Public Parks Zone (AP), and Direct Development Control Provision (DC1)

The proposed rezoning and associated amendment to the Rossdale Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) are intended to support the implementation of the River Crossing Business Plan through the following:

  • Creating a new appendix to the River Valley Activity Node Zone (AN) to:
    • Facilitate the programming of community events and allow for year round use of the RE/MAX Field and adjacent properties
    • Allow for the re-use of the Rossdale Power Plant and development of the Touch The Water Promenade
  • Establishing an open space east of RE/MAX Field and the existing EPCOR complex (AP Zone)
  • Creating an interpretive park on 105 Street NW north of Rossdale Road (A Zone)
  • Adding three lots west of 104 Street NW and south of 96 Avenue NW to the existing DC1 Provision (Area C) to allow for low to mid-rise housing (approximately 4 to 6 storeys)
  • Rezoning provincially-owned lands to the Alternative Jurisdiction Zone (AJ)

 The proposed plan amendment will also bring the Rossdale ARP into conformity with the River Crossing Heritage Interpretive Plan.