Approved rezoning of the northeast corner of 100 Avenue NW and 113 Street NW to allow for a 6-storey residential building.

A planning application has been approved to rezone the northeast corner of 100 Avenue NW and 113 Street NW. This proposal included:

  • 10011 and 10017 113 Street NW
  • 11218, 11222, 11228 and 11230 100 Avenue NW

The approved rezoning will accommodate the development of a 6-storey residential building.

An application was originally submitted in 2018 for this site for a 90 metre (approximately 30 storey) mixed use tower with up to 280 residential dwellings. This proposal was revised by the applicant in March of 2020 to include an additional property to the north, and reduce proposed development to a 6-storey residential building with up to 140 residential dwellings.

About the Application

The proposed rezoning is from the High Rise Apartment Zone (RA9) and Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) (Area 3 within the Oliver Area Redevelopment Plan) to a Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2).

This would allow the opportunity for a high-rise tower with the following characteristics:

  • A 23 metre residential building (approx. 6 storeys)
  • Up to 140 dwellings
  • Underground parking

There is also an associated application to close the east-west lane from 113 Street NW to the intersecting north-south lane and to amend the Oliver Area Redevelopment Plan to facilitate the rezoning.